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"We stand together to be a voice of the business community".

Business leaders from Hyndburn need to have their voice and be heard.

Hyndburn Chamber of Trade, is a powerful voice for the business community of Hyndburn where all businesses can have their say.

Hyndburn Chamber of Trade is a welcoming friendly body, where all trades and businesses, no matter how big or small, can be represented.  

“Individually, we are one, but collectively, we are stronger”, says Kath Gregson.

The chamber is inviting all trades and businesses within Hyndburn to join its membership. Established over 100 years ago.  The Chamber of Trade is here to provide support and assistance to our members.

Don’t miss out on funding and grant opportunities, stay informed with local projects large and small, be a part of the decision making process and be engaged. The chamber has the ear of Hyndburn Borough Council and regularly consults on its members behalf, we are here to provide information and assistance with everything business.

With regular meetings and member feedback the Chamber, we are inviting new members to benefit from our work where members can be represented and can also choose to join our meetings online, using our teams meeting forum.

We are available to all trades and businesses without commitment.

Membership is currently £35 per year and members will receive a plethora of business benefits regular chamber updates, access to social media platforms, advertising and most importantly, can be heard through its membership.


In the months ahead, we will be looking at recommending reputable local  businesses who can guarantee they adopt professional and ethical practices to members of the public. 

Sign up online or contact us through our Facebook page
‘Hyndburn Chamber of Trade or email us on:

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A Warm Welcome From Our President

Kath and her late Husband Terry Gregson were members of The Hyndburn Chamber of Trade for over 25 years, both, beginning their business over 50 years ago. 


They both believed strongly that Hyndburn has great potential for future generations.​


"As the newly elected President I believe it is time to change and it is time to work together, to understand that business has changed and that the chamber needs to change, to make our town a success”. 

Kath Gregson, President, Hyndburn Chamber of Trade

How the Chamber will work with you

Let us be your growth Partner

Serving Hyndburn Local Businesses

Join now and have your say through the Hyndburn Chamber of Trade.

Hyndburn Chamber of Change

Hyndburn Chamber of Trade welcomes its new President 2023-24, Kath Gregson, owner of Hair Studio, in Hyndburn.

We would also like to welcome Tracy Simmonds from Acorn Community News as Vice President, Wayne Fitzharris from Aspire Globally, also as Vice President as well as Secretary and finally, Craig Pemberton from Tempo, as our new Treasurer.

We would like to thank Paul Brown from Eafield & Maple, outgoing President and Julie O’Hara as outgoing Treasurer.

We would also like to thank outgoing Committee members: Brendan Duffy for his years of service who retired from the Chamber this year.

As the newly elected President, Kath’s goal will be in line with the new constitution to invigorate the Chamber of Trade and promote commerce and trade within the Borough of Hyndburn.

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Everyone legitimate trader, business is welcome to have their say.

With every voice, every ideas and every concerns we stand together.

In partnership together, the Chamber has the power to create welcome change.

Chamber Benefits - The Power of Working together. 

  • GROW – your market, your profile and your bottom line.


  • PROTECT – essential guidance such as HR, H&S,  and business advice included in your membership fee


  • CONNECT – through events, introductions and wide-reaching social networks.

  • SAVE – exclusive low-cost benefits and access to funding.


  • LOBBY – We feed YOUR views to local authorities and trade organisations, and push for change.

  • LISTEN – We listen to your views and are super friendly. All legitimate businesses and trades are welcome.

We Face the Future Together.


Over the years, the Chamber of Trade has stood fast, to protect business with advice and guidance to help traders and businesses overcome self-doubt and the fears of failure.


As business owners, we toil, sweat, blood and tears to survive, hardly having time to think about how we can grow.


With the Chamber of Trade working with you, we know brighter days are ahead of us.   We can become more optimistic about our future.  


By working together, we can now embrace the future knowing we are not alone. We face the future together and gain collective strength to stay resilient and build a positive plan for growth.


“Our foundations are local; our influence is national and our reach is global”

Every Chamber of trade offers Trade advice and services.  

We are connected to regional chamber of trade organisations and East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.

Embrace the Future

Chamber Mission

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Our aim is to create a modern functional Chamber of trade to the benefit our trade and business members, to help business thrive and re-energise.

We create opportunities for Trade and Business people to meet other trade and business people, so we can learn from one another.

“If we work together we can create a more positive future, we can produce positive ideas and create a united voice.”

Hyndburn chamber of Trade can give you the opportunity to supercharge your knowledge in your specialist field and introduce your brand to many business owners and executives, giving you a unique opportunity to network and promote your business, with promotional and marketing possibilities.

Why Join a Chamber of Trade?

Put simply, we are credible and the local government LISTENS to us.


Joining a chamber of trade provides businesses with access to resources, discounts, and relationships that enable them to save money, market their products, and streamline their processes.


Both employees and members  bring their own benefits to the total body.

Hyndburn Chamber of Trade


The Hyndburn Chamber of Trade is an independent non political trade body of  local businesses owners, operational for the last 100 years.

100% Non Political

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